Captain Thabes

Captain of the Poseidon, a mid-size Galleon


LV.8 Pirate (Lv.4 Fighter; Lv.2 Rogue; Lv.2 Pirate)

Hp:80 AC:16 BA+5

str+4 dex+2 con+3 int+0 wis+3 cha+2

Captains Trenchcoat(+ 2 Cha), + 1 Sailors Std.Leather Armor(+ 4AC), Sailors Boots(+ 2 to balance checks)

+ 2 TEMPEST GREATAXE + 11 1d12+9 critical hits(mini-tornado willDC:16 stuns)
1/day Aqueous Orb

also on person: 50g, pipe and tobacco, box of matches, handkerchief

fort save: 8
ref save: 5
will save: 4


Captain Thanes has been around the world, in his younger years he sought adventure and wealth. Now that he’s near 40, Thanes has settle down with his daughter Meadow. He still commands his ship the Poseidon, but he restrains him self to trade missions in friendly waters.

A fierce fighter, he’s no stranger to violence and his ship runs heavily armed, even if it’s been years since it has last seen combat.

Captain Thabes

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